Thank You Teachers!

No person goes into teaching because of their ego.  No person goes into teaching because they plan to get rich.

People go into teaching because they’re idealistic. They simply want to help others.  They want to share their gifts. They want to prepare students for their future and for our future.

People who go into teaching are selfless.  It is not “about them.”  They truly want to impact the life of a child or teenager.  Teachers want to love, help, challenge, motivate, care for, and advocate for students. Teachers want to give students opportunities to achieve dreams.

This difficult profession is also arguably the most rewarding.  Teachers are sometimes portrayed as villains in the media.  The reality is that schools are a microcosm of society.  When society is in distress so are students. Despite this, our teachers press forward and work to give their best every single day.

I’m guessing we have all had a teacher that had a positive influence.  Remember them today and this week.  Thank them.  Most of all support them publicly and privately.  Nothing is gained by doing the opposite.

Thank you to every teacher I have ever worked with! We are so very fortunate to have high quality educators at NPS.  THANK YOU for all that you do!