NPS Makes Strides with Strive for Less Than Five

My blog post in August described how the NPS Strive for Less Than Five initiative was born and why. Employers were telling us and continue to tell us they want workers who will show up regularly and on time to work. Schools need students who show up regularly and on time to learn. So we began an awareness campaign. The catchy slogan was borrowed (with permission) from another school district that saw results with this type of effort. Positive regular attendance was emphasized by district staff and signs were placed around the district.

Check out our first semester results.
Semester 1 comparison 6 or more absences

Semester 1 comparison 9 or more absences

Each building saw a decrease in the number of students with excessive absences as compared to last year at this same time. To our students and parents – we say THANK YOU!  These results are not possible without having our students work hard and without parental support. Your schools and area employers appreciate the focus on establishing positive attendance habits.

What does this mean going forward?  We would love to see the trend continue. Kids who are not in school cannot learn. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. This does NOT mean we want students to come to school who are sick, and please don’t interpret this as such, especially as we experience cold and flu season. We are also aware of students with chronic health issues that necessitate them missing some days. In fact, we know there are special circumstances and we have parents who keep the lines of communication open with the building principal in these situations. We simply want to minimize the impact of excessive absences on student learning.

THANK YOU once again to all of our students and parents for your efforts. Here’s to a successful second semester of 2017-2018 for all of our kids!