Thanksgiving can be a time for reflection.  I know I don’t thank the people here at NPS enough but here goes…

At NPS, I am thankful for:

Dedicated teachers who work to meet all of our students’ needs under incredible pressure and with minimal resources.

Committed classroom aides who consistently get asked to do many of the “other” things to meet the needs of students, and do so with smiles on their faces.

Loyal bus drivers who have a very difficult job and work to make each trip to and from school brighter (and safe) for students.

Cherished secretaries who stay calm and try to please everyone in the midst of whirlwind activity (on some days) in the school offices.

Skilled principals and directors that support all of the students, families, and staff and work to make decisions that are the best for kids.

Other support personnel (tech, academic interventionists, behavior specialists, etc.) that work very hard behind the scenes to make sure our students have the best chance for success.

Dependable board members that want every student to reach his/her full potential and to see this school district on a path to greatness.

Last but not least, I am thankful for the students, families, and residents of this great school district. They are truly what makes Newaygo special!