Learning Never Stops

Educators often spend time in the summer working on improving their knowledge and skills. Some take college classes, some work on curriculum, others attend workshops or conferences.  Why do they do this?  Educators do this for the same reasons that other professionals and workers attend training sessions; to improve and grow as a teacher and/or leader.

This summer, 27 certified staff attended the PLC Institute in Lincolnshire, IL.  Professional Learning Communities (PLC) is a term that has been around for several years.  Essentially, schools are a learning organization.  It is critical for educators to work in teams and to keep learning to improve learning for students.  The concept is simple:  no one educator is as good as a team of educators.  With the complexity of teaching and learning today, it is imperative that we equip educators with the time necessary to work with a team to improve learning for all.

The NPS Leadership team has spent some time learning together this summer and we are excited about welcoming back our teachers and students to the 2015-2016 school year.  It is my hope that we can continue to develop professional learners, both students and teachers, so student achievement can progress.