Thankful at NPS

It is that time of year when the Thanksgiving holiday gives us pause to think about and be grateful for what we have in life.  Here are the people that we can be thankful for here at NPS.

NPS Students – They work at learning.  They challenge us.  They make us laugh.  They are enthusiastic.  At times, they can frustrate us…but they allow us to push them to achieve and be better today than they were yesterday.

Parents – We are thankful for the parents who choose NPS as their district for their sons and daughters.  Parents, who care about education and work with us to provide support to students at home, communicate with school staff, and place value on quality education.

Support Staff – This includes secretaries, bus drivers, cleaning and custodial crew, food service employees, classroom/building aides, coaches, board members, and the administrative team.  We have so many dedicated and hard-working people in this group that provide all of the “other” necessary services our students need so that teaching and learning can be at the forefront of what we do.

NPS Community – We are grateful to have a community that supports the schools financially and otherwise.  With the passage of the school improvement bonds several years ago and more recently the technology bond; we are able to provide the necessary environment and tools for teaching and learning.  Area businesses, the Fremont Foundation, and many community members show their support of the schools by donating precious resources, money, and/or time to our school mission.

NPS Teachers – We are lucky to have our teachers here at NPS.  They are heroes who work to provide numerous things for students.  They collaborate and share in an effort to reach students and use best practices to provide a quality education.  They work to build relationships and connect with students to increase motivation so that students learn at high levels.  Teachers push themselves and each other to learn new teaching techniques and meet the needs of students.

The holiday season encourages us to be thankful and here at NPS, we have many people to be thankful for!