First Grade Math Night a Success!

On Thursday evening (March 14), the first grade teachers at Vera Wilsie Elementary School held a “Math Night” for their students and families.  We are proud to say it was a huge success.  We are pleased with the interest our parents showed in their child’s education by participating in this event.  133 people were in attendance.  Each family left with some supplies (cards, dice, dominoes, plastic coins etc.) along with instructions of how to assist in developing math skills at home.

One parent commented, ”First grade math night was excellent.  Those teachers should all be commended for a night well done.  My son and I had a great time!”

Math Night Tools

Thank you to NPS parents for supporting your student and thanks to the first grade staff;  Ms. Hesse, Ms. Horton, Ms. Seabrook, Ms. Wilbur, & Mr. Wittenberger.

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